Frequently asked questions:

Why use Trucking88!

Great question!  

 We believe in simplicity and practicality. That`s why we built a modern platform, where trucking companies can use the tools provided to organize and streamline their operations. By using our software, you will get things done better, simpler, faster,

Are there any other fees you charge?

We dont charge any other fees to use our platform. All the features built in are available to all paying customers, regarding of the plan chosen. Pay just one monthly fee and enjoy all the current and future features that we`ve built.

What if there I am looking for a specific feature that you don`t offer?

As we are in the early stages of our company, you might want to see other features beneficial to your operation. We are growing and improving and we are constantly working on new ideas and implementing new features. Stay tuned or reach out if you have a question for us.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We`re sorry to see you go but we respect your decision. if you ever need to close your account, just send us an email by clicking here.

Do your offer IFTA calculation?

We are working on a feature to automatically calculate IFAT miles. We`ll announce it and the feature is deployed.

How do I update my credit card info?

You can change your credit card info by simply going to your account setting form your dashboard. 

Can I request a partial credit if I cancel mid-month?

Unfortunately, we charge your card at the begining of the month and do not offer a partial refund.

I use factoring. How do I go about that?

No worries! You can enter once your factoring company`s info in the Settings page and that info will appear on your invoice, if the broker or shipper you are working with are approved for factoring.

How about a driver app?

Yes, we do offer a web based driver app. Your drivrs jusat need to access our website and log in with their credentials. The mobile version of the software is very driver oriented, with all the relevant info easily displayed on the screen. Your drivers can easily check in at locations and mark freight as picked-up/ delivered.

Can I track a driver`s performance?

Yes, in the Financial section, you can see a driver`s performance, based on the income produced and expenses generated. Drivers are listed by performance so best performing drivers will be at the top of the list.

What if I am looking for a feature that you don`t have?

We are a new companya dn we are continuously working on new features. You can reach out anytime to ask about future updates or to suggest a feature you would like to see in the app. For complex features, we can do a paid request , where we can develop a particular feature best suited for your company.

Do my mechanics have access to all my company`s data?

No, your mechanics have access only to the Maintenance section of the app. They can view, edit or create new repairs and mark them as completed. They can also add notes and request parts.

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